Sheesh! We’ve had all kinds of weird stuff happening in the great white north lately. A guy tried to kill himself and his two children by running his truck off the road and into a tree after he had tried to make the kids pass out using propane. The kids are fine and he is jail on a 1 million dollar bond…a firetruck ran a red light and hit an older jimmy/blazer thing with a mom, dad and baby inside. The mom died and the 11 month old baby died yesterday. Now that one makes me sad, when they came on the news at 5 yesterday and announced that the baby had passed I just sat in the chair and cried. The dad does have one surviving 4 year old daughter who was not in the car. They’ve had two pot busts, some guy in Petoskey beat his room mate to death, a 19 year old girl walking down a road was run over by two people on a snowmobile, she’s ok….My mom thinks people are going stir crazy…maybe so….

Then on Unsolved Mysteries today they did a piece on a woman named Mable Wood (s?) from Missouri. She said it had always been her dream to have lots and lots of animals. So she bought a 110 acre farm and began to take in stray dogs. She had a no kill policy and so she kept the dogs their whole lives is they couldn’t be adopted. First someone broke into the kennel and shot four dogs, only one lived. Then someone BURNED IT DOWN!! There were 60 dogs inside and only one lived. Oh I just cried and cried and here’s this poor old lady on the screen and she’s crying because she feels like she failed the dogs. She said when she first brought them home she promised they would be safe, and then she just couldn’t talk anymore. What is wrong with people! Since then her house has been shot at in the night and there has been graffitti painted on the eight foot containment wall she built around the new kennel, someone also dumped 40 pounds of nails in her driveway. She says her family and friends urge her to move but that she loves the land, she bought and paid for it and its hers and no one will make her leave. I wanted to see if there was a website out there for her but can’t seem to find anything at all. I was going to leave her a message, just telling her how inspiring it is to see someone come through losing so many dogs to cruelty yet continue what she sees as her life work in spite of it. Who knows if she’s even alive still. Anyway.

Wow that was so uplifting! And bright! And cheery! Not, sorry. I should try and get a shower so I can go to play practice tonight and not still be wearing sweat pants and a flannel shirt (not that there is one single thing wrong with this sahm uniform!)….So any of you know about work from Medical Transcription things? I know they don’t pay much but I was just wondering….Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for your kind words yesterday as well.


Oh yeah, Casey gets Outside Magazine (thanks mom!) and I sometimes look at it. There was an essay by John Kerry in the Feb. 05 issue about oil drilling in ANWR. I liked Kerry and I voted for him, but for those of you who didn’t, forget about who wrote it and just listen up. President Bush stated during his presidential campaign that he felt we need to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, so that America could be less dependent on foreign sources of oil. He also talked about this during a speech he made recently in Ohio. This a direct quote, cut and pasted from


“To produce more energy at home, we need to open up new areas to environmentally responsible exploration for oil and natural gas, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — that’s called ANWR. (Applause.) The Department of Interior estimates that we could recover more than 10 billion barrels of oil from a small corner of ANWR that was reserved specifically for energy development. That’s the same amount of new oil we could get from 41 states combined. Thanks to advances in technology — and Sam was briefing me on what he saw, he just went up there to look at the technology that would be used — we can now reach all of ANWR’s oil by drilling on just 2,000 acres. Two thousand acres is the size of the Columbus airport. By applying the most innovative environmental practices, we can carry out the project with almost no impact on land or local wildlife. And that’s important for you all to know.

You see, developing a small section of ANWR would not only create thousands of new jobs, but it would eventually reduce our dependence on foreign oil by up to a million barrels of oil a day. And that’s important. (Applause.) Congress needs to look at the science and look at the facts and send me a bill that includes exploration in ANWR for the sake of our country.”


There are some issues with this however. He names the Department of Interior as his source for how much oil can be drilled from 2,000 acres. According to the U. S. Geological Survey, there are only 3.2 billion barrels of recoverable, saleable oil from ANWR. We import 2.5 billion barrels every day. That 3.2 billion barrels, if we only relied upon that 3.2 billion barrels, would last the United States for about SIX MONTHS before we had to begin importing oil from the Middle East again. SIX MONTHS.  ANWR is the last 5% of Alaska’s North Slope that is closed to drilling. Sure, they might really only use 2,000 acres, but the oil drilling and railroad companies that work near ANWR already spill oil hundreds of times every day, even is its just a small amount. Once they have entered what is left of that north slope, its over and one of the last truly wild places will be ruined and gone forever. What can we do? We can call and write our state congress-people, or state senators. Not much can stop the machine if this makes it to the senate floor, we would be outvoted. Think on this issue, on how we use our land. Not just in a wild life refuge in far away Alaska, but in your own home towns.

I admit that I do love Meijer, its a great store, I want to buy everything in sight. But I can think of some pasture lands and fields that won’t be there when summer 2005 comes to a close. Instead there will be a new Super Wal-Mart, restaurants, a minor league baseball fields and thousands of parking spots. In my true home town, Grand Haven, Michigan, there is a theater that was built in 1927. Local gossip tells me it has been torn down in favor of a five story condo complex. Within the last two years, a section of older houses and businesses were systematically bought up and torn down to facilitate, what else?, another condo complex.  As a nation we are reproducing and using up land and there is no way to get more, no way to renew what we have ruined.

I’ll get off my soap box now, but I bet there are places you can think of in your head that are forever changed. You might not even remember what they used to look like, green fields, neighborhoods or woodlands. But I bet when you think of that place in your mind you do recall the glaring M of a fast food restaurant, or miles of ashphalt baking on a hot summer day.


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  1. I know, strange killings and suicides going on around here too…and we had a federal judge’s husband and mother killed, they are thinking it was a hired hit by a white supremacist whom the judge had “put away.” Scary times right now. Hope your wee one is being a more enchanting human to you today!!!

  2. It must be in the wind. Its been the same bizarre crap here in Atlanta too. I actually have not watched the news today because I was so tired of crying and feeling so sad. Whats going on in this little world of ours?

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