Its been a crappy day so I’ll keep short so as not to depress you. Basically, I am sleeping in a new house and its hard to stay asleep. Every time the fridge or furnace kicks on I wake up, every time a cat jumps on the bed or from the bed to the wood floor, I wake up. Every time the dog farts, I wake up. Its frustrating but I don’t feel comfortable closing the door because I’m afraid I won’t hear whatever I might need to hear….ugh. Kaia is driving me crazy, the last few days she’s been in a naughty mood.She gets into everything but her own stuff, I know I know, this is a normal kid thing, but she’s not usually like this. She went to bed a half hour early last night because we simply could not deal with her anymore. Today she has split my lip, pinched me countless time, she kicks and grunts when I move her away from something she’s not supposed to be doing, she cries when I’m out of her sight, she even cries when I hand her off to Casey. She cries when I try and get her to nap, she has slept for about an hour today. Its is almost 4pm my time and she’s been up since 7am. So that is all I have to say today, this child is driving me bonkers.


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  1. hey, I know how you feel. I’ve been there, trust me. I’ve got a two year old daughter and a 7 1/2 mo son. My daughter and I have had many rough days and now i’m going through it again with my son with the added stress on another child. With McKenna I had a harder time because I breastfed the first year and she only had me all day long, so like you I couldn’t get a break because even when I gave her to my husband she still cried. It was very frustrating! With my son he’s used to being with his sister and me so he isn’t as dependent on just mommy, thank god!! I just wanted to let you know, you’re not alone and it will get better gradually! My kids actually took a nap today and they’re just waking bye!!

  2. Oh, how I remember those days.  With two teenagers in the house, though, sometimes I long for those days again.  Yes, it will get better gradually, and you’ll trade the little kid problems for big kid problems.  Parenthood is not for the faint of heart!  Enjoy that new home!

  3. hope your day goes better today. This may seem mean, but there is nothing wrong with letting the little cry, i know it is nerve wracking, but if you pick them up every time they cry, they are actually programming you. They think they can get what ever they want if they cry. sometime they have to just cry, and find out that they can’t always get what they want. i know she isn’t spoiled, but that is the first step of getting spoiled………………

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