Well. Our new house is very wonderful, and I have to say, saving money really is the best way to go sometimes. I can not even tell you how many times I have been so glad that we saved and saved and have been able to buy almost everything we’ve needed. The only other things I need are: a microwave, a coffee maker, two wall shelves, and a dresser for our bedroom. The house has turned out the way I envisioned and even Casey had to say “you were right, its really great!”. The only thing I don’t like is the secret passage like door that leads into Kaia’s closet, I fit through it just perfectly, no room to spare, but Casey has to duck and almost turn sideways to get in. The attic stairs are also there and Saturday night I was imagining all manner of terrible things such as…the girl from The Ring crawling all creepy down the stairs….the little kid from The Grudge hissing whilst I stowed boxes at the bottom of the steps…rabid mice…dead people in the little cabinents up there…bodies hanging from the rafters….that horrible black witch lady that is called out by children losing their first teeth from some really dumb movie, I can see her there, in my mind, hovering in the upper most corners of my child’s bedroom, waiting to take her…I KNOW I KNOW, STOP ALREADY!! I can’t shut this function of my mind off. I wish I could, I really do, but I can’t, I don’t know whats wrong with me. And to think, I even considered seeing The Ring Two, lol! Anyway, Casey promised me he would dead bolt that door and buy Kaia one of those little covered garment racks so I never never never have to go into that closet again. He said he will even take the three (yep thats how brave I am, I got three small boxes in there) boxes out and put them in the garage for me. Ugh, I’m shuddering at the thought of going in there. When we looked at the house I marched right in and up those attic stairs (which there are, by the way, only about six of, you have to step up because the stairs are twice the stepping height of normal stairs, and very very narrow and steep, I backed down using my hands like on a ladder) and I looked around and I was very brave. No longer, it got dark and my brain took over.

Last night we brought the cats over. It did not occur to me when I told Case he could stay home with the baby so I could just clean at Bill’s and be done, that one single person can not get two cats into a box by any stretch of the imagination or physics. It is simply impossible. I had my hand on Marley’s head and was reaching for Phoenix when Marley shot backward and ran away. I let Phoenix go to grab Mar Mar and lose them both! Then they know what I’m up to so will they come when I nicely call, here kitty kitty? No way! Sambuca did go into a box which I taped shut with blue masking tape. I finally gave up on the other two and just put them in the car. Sambuca’s mad because the others are free and she’s supposed to be top cat (serioulsy, she is, she eats first, potties first, gets first call on any good spot to sleep, etc), so she pushes her way out of the box. Now I am driving a Jeep loaded down with clothes, a fry daddy, paint, miscellaneous pieces of junk, and three yowling cats, one with blue tape stuck to her head. Argh!! But now everyone is settled in, Dakota has stopped pacing the length of the living and dining room, he will actually go into the kitchen now (don’t ask me why he wouldn’t before), and he shows an unhealthy interest in the creepy door!! Sambuca has taken up her spot in the bathroom sink (she likes to sleep there), and Phoenix and Marley were kissing each other’s heads. They also ran over our trying to sleep bodies, all three of them, one right after another, at least twice last night. Yes, they jumped onto the bed, ran from one hip to the next going about 200 miles an hour (and these are not small, sweet housecats, they are big bold outside cats, BIG cats, Heavy cats), jumped off, skittered on the wood floor, knocked over the pictures  I had stacked against the wall, and took off into the living room where I heard more crashing and hissing.

Anyway, that is all I have for now. The house is great and we love it and are feeling very lucky. I am not going to play practice tonight, just dropping off a vest I altered and leaving a note to tell her I’ll be in on Thursday, I have more things in our room to put away but the rest of the house is done. I also have to call Dish Network and get signed up because our antenna doesn’t work as we are in a valley with two steep hills on either side. We rented the third season of Alias and have been watching that non stop….I hope you all had a great weekend!! Have a great Monday, too. 


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  1. LOL, stay away from creepy movies for a while, girl!! I have to admit, though, I can’t look in mirrors late at night unless the room is lit up, I am still afraid to see “Mary Worth” looking out at me!!( a game we played when I was little, you would chant that name over and over and she was supposed to appear and reach out from the mirror.) (I know, we were lame.) Glad to hear the house is fun, it sounds like it has a lot of character.

  2. I’m glad ya’ll found a house.  i have a fear of attics and basements so i will make sure that i don’t have anyone of those.  i like your hotel idea.  keep talking about it and i know it will happen if that is something you truly desire.  i use to want a bed and breakfast until i found out how much work is involved.  i’m service orientated but i don’t want to wait hand and foot on someone.  so i’ll just have my diner where i’ll only serve breakfast and be open for a couple of hours a day so i can be with my family.  make sure your bookstore has a huge cookbook section:) and lots of cozy chairs. you should have a small hotel that way you can really spoil your guests and leave lots of goodies in the rooms.  i like goodies.

  3. It sounds like you guys are setteling in nicely! That’s great!! Hope the rest of your week goes as well and smoothly!

  4. Three yowling cats?  LOL!  I am dreading moving my cat.  She will cry the whole way to Louisiana and I am already nervous about it.  My animals dont travel well for some reason.  Bruce will puke and kitty will cry. 

  5. You paint very vivid pictures with your words! Write a book, girlie!
    The thing that helped our cats make the move from Florida to Texas was that Larry made them a kitty bed in the back seat. They did a lot better than I expected and would have been miserable had they been caged that whole time. They weren’t allowed on the floor in the front seats, but had their run of the car otherwise.
    Poppy is sleeping on my lap as I write. She is snoring and twitching her tail. I think my fidgeting (to get my leg comfy) and typing aggravate her. She’s a nice, soft rabbit cat.
    Watch the mail. The Surprise Fairy is headed for Hedwidge……….

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