Do you know what I would like to do? I would like to open a hotel and not have to skimp on any detail. I would like to help design it, I would like to decorate it and I would like to hire and train everyone (with a little help from some people I know who are very good at what I used to do). I would like to be the one in charge so I could pay people what they deserve for cleaning up a room that had graham crackers ground into the carpet and sticky hand prints on every surface. I would like to start everyone as a housekeeper so that once they made it to the desk they would know what that job entails, and maybe then there would not be the endless feud between housekeeping and the desk…..It would not have to be huge, 45 or 50 rooms is far big enough for one little ol’ me to handle. I would have the very best people. I would not have people who love to sit around and talk on the phone all night or maintenance men who nap in vacant rooms. I would bring Kaia to work with me and she could toddle around. I would not have a seperate sales department because I don’t think its necessary when the front desk is not frantically busy for the whole eight hour shift. I might even have a small restaurant that would serve you a complimentary breakfast, and then you could buy lunch and dinner if you wanted too. I would have a piano player maybe. I would have a helpful staff that only wanted for the guests to have a wonderful experience. I would only hire people who were born to serve others, to anticipate and take care of their needs before they even know they need it. I would only hire people who love what hospitality is, not someone just looking for a paycheck who will snap “its not my job” to people. I would have shuttle and I would have murder mystery weekends and I would do great specials for New Years and Valentines. I would allow pets. I would not rent to druggies or prostitutes because I would not want my name associated with that kind of business. Too bad it takes so much capital and such a gamble to start a thing like that. And then it might not even work. In this time of self serve kiosks and automated check in who wants to talk to an actual person? Well I do. I also would like a little book store. I liked Meg Ryan’s book store in You’ve Got Mail. I would like a store like that and I would have the cat I don’t like very much, Marley, be the store cat and she could live there. And I would have coffee on, or lemonade in the summer. And I would have big chairs and low lighting and reading lamps and a fire place. And a screen door so we could get a breeze in the spring. And Kaia could go there too. If I won the lottery (fat chance) I would not be one of those people who buys a lot of crap and then quits their job. I would start a store and a buy a house (a big old one) and maybe pay off the jeep and a buy a honda or something. Casey and I could run the store/hotel and maybe he could go back to school or play minor league baseball. I would put money away for Kai and for our retirement. I would take in more abandoned animals and try and rehabilitate and adopt them out. I would run my store/hotel and have a sunflower garden. I would not ask more of the people who worked for me than is fair, like some bosses everyone has dealt with. I would want them to spend time with their families because I want to spend time with mine. I would treat them like people, not mindless idiots who only represent a business cost. I would grow herbs on my kitchen window sill and have yellow and white gingham curtains.I would grow cat grass on the back porch. I would have a clothes line and hang sheets out in the summer so they smelled warm at night. Its kinda depressing how you can not want so much to be happy, how you can be content with what you have when you know there is so much more out there that other people are chasing down every day. I guess I just don’t need a lot more than what I have. And that gives me joy beyond measure.


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  1. maybe buy a honda?  Thats pretty cool.  I think Hondas rule.  Your Hotel sounds better than The Ritz Carlton.

  2. Can I help you too? I like your dream and have always had a similar one myself! Can we job share or can I babysit or decorate for holiday?
    Larry is a big believer in paying people well as incentive for keeping their jobs and doing them well. He also believes that an appreciated employee has better morale, which also makes them a better employee. So. Maybe he can help too?
    I do like your dream!!

  3. Oh, can I come to that dream hotel?? The older I get, the more I hate staying in crusty hotels. The nicest one we ever stayed at was in London, a place called The Cranley, and the cleanliness, and service, were top notch. But whoa, we have been in some scary places, lol. Thanks for your kind words of consolation on my site, you are lucky to have so many senior family members for Kaia to enjoy!!!!!!

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