Mina is very happy that we are not picking Casey up, I try to get her tell me why she hates it but she won’t. Hmmm…finally she just said, “I don’t like getting my boots on” but I think it was to get me to shut up and leave her alone already, lol.

I called Casey at work to ask him to bring me smokes when he gets out at 430 and he was already gone! His boss told me he let Casey go at 2 to move stuff. That makes me nervous. When Casey moves he throws things away, its like a disorder, if it won’t fit in the car it goes in the trash which is no good because the trash is full and I don’t know why the trash people aren’t picking it up! He also tends to take things that I still need in the house, like cups and forks and pans. Watch, I’ll get home and he’ll have moved all of Kaia’s diapers or something. I don’t mean to sound negative, you all are probably thinking “give the guy a break! If he wants to move stuff its less for you to do”. And I DO appreciate it but it really is just more time for me to hunt all over and through every box only to discover the can opener has been thrown away…again.  

We got the Ray soundtrack last night. Don’t mis-understsand me, it was a great movie and Jamie Foxx did a great job and I’m glad he won the Oscar, but it seemed more educational than anything else. I guess I didn’t know you inject heroin….lol, I couldn’t tell you what I thought you did with it, but I didn’t know you injected it. But I know nothing about that sort of thing so whatever. I was SO MAD though, when Hilary Swank won best actress for Million Dollar Baby. No, I have not seen the movie, but I really wanted Anette Benning or Kate Winslet to win instead. Anette Benning only because I still feel that she was robbed (by Hilary Swank!) for American Beauty, I did not see Being Julia, it just didn’t appeal to me. And Kate Winslet because Eternal Sunshine was an AWESOME movie. ..

Anyone watch Lost and Alias last night? On Lost, I am telling you! Locke knows more than anyone else and I would not be surprised if he crashed the plane….okay well after last night I would be surprised if he was in cahoots with the french woman after her story about the radio tower and the numbers, etc. And it was very sweet when Locke built Claire the cradle. How do you suppose she will prevent the child from peeing everywhere? And what will she dress it in?

On Alias, I am getting a little sick of this sister act thing, and I do NOT trust Nadia anyway, because I don’t trust Arvin Sloan. Its all getting a little crappy and sappy at the end of the every episode when Sydney and Nadia look into each others’ eyes and marvel at how they haven’t killed each other. I think Nadia is there to take revenge for Jack killing their mother. I keep expecting them to kiss, wouldn’t that be something! Lol.

If you have just read the last two paragraphs and do not watch Lost or Alias, I will tell you first that, next to Desperate Housewives, you are missing the best shows on TV. Secondly, I apologize to you because probably none of that made sense and I am the kind of geek who latches onto a TV show and then feels as if I know the characters intimately (just ask anyone, I was SO SAD when Adrianna died on Sopranos, I cried with Jamie Buchman when the baby wouldn’t sleep on Mad About You, etc)…

Anyway, I can’t believe I’ve been in here typing and Kaia is still asleep! Good! I hope you all have a great day, two days closer to move in!


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  1. I love LOST.  I just love it and cant seem to get enough of it.  I love to read what everyone thinks is going on.  I seem to miss things with watching Ben and making dinners.Have fun moving!

  2. I watch Lost when Alex allows me too. I havent seen it in a while. But I also get addicted to shows so you are not alone.

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