Hello all, well the house is all cleaned up now, we’ve even hung blinds in the dining room,  and curtains in the living room and bathrooms. Now all we have to do is hang the curtains I bought for Kaia’s room and get some for our room and the kitchen. Oh yeah, and get some rugs and a trunk or low, sturdy table to put the TV on. Then we can move in!! So we will be moving this weekend and obviously, I am VERY EXCITED!!

Anyway, Kaia goes to the doc today for her nine month, her WIC nurse said she doesn’t need any shots because I had (unwittingly) done the maximum number for all her other appointments so she’s good until she’s twelve months. My dad is off today and just called to say he will be here at 230 so I don’t have to take everyone with me and help them sit still and quiet (because what could be more boring to a four year old?) during the appt. Casey is home sick with the same thing my dad and the girls and Kaia and I have all had. Kaia and I are still trying to kick it.

I’m boring today so thats all. One load in the dryer and one in the washer and thats it for laundry! Yippee!! Hope you all are having a great day.


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  1. Boy something nasty sure is creeping around!  I hope Casey kicks it.  I am praying I dont get sick but I have a cough coming on!  Grr!Have a good day and glad Kaia doesnt have to get more shots. 

  2. Hope that all of you can kick that bug, especially before you move! I am so excited that you are moving. I love redecorating a new house. And being in a new house means you can start clean, and I mean you can clean the new house before you get in and every thing is actually clean, no hidden dust balls or nasty spots in the carpet. I hope you have a smooth move! It is almost Friday!!!!!!!

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