Ugh, I have a head that is so heavy under the weight of all this snot! I feel like I have been run over by a truck, and you would think it would get better as the days go by. But oh no, its getting worse. I was up at two and four in the morning, finally gave in and slept on the couch because I couldn’t get comfortable upstairs (plus Casey was snoring) then I had curious cats jumping on me all night. My orange bonus toe, Phoenix, was playing with my hair and scratched my head…ugh.

That guy with the house is a poop sock. I talked to him on Friday and he said he would call me Monday. He didn’t call so I called him at about 4 on Monday and left him a message just saying I was still interested and looking forward to his call. He never calls me back. So I call him on Tuesday around noon and I get no answer. Lo and behold, about two minutes later my cell phone rings and its his number on the caller ID, I answer the phone by saying “hello, this is alicia” (don’t ask me why, I don’t know why) and I hear him say “oh” and hang up, like he was startled that it was me he had called back. So then Casey wants to play a little game and he calls this guy from work, what da ya know! he picks up on the second ring. And proceeds to tell Casey the same line of crap he told me, ‘first in line’ , etc. So I figure if he calls me I will still look at the house but I am not calling him. What a weirdo! We looked at another house yesterday and this woman really wants to sell us the house. I’m telling her I have horrible credit and she says that if I can pay off half of what I owe on the credit report (about $2500) in six months, then sit tight and not rack up any new debt for another six months she can “creatively” finance me to buy the house. I would live in this house for one year but I would not buy it. So when she calls back today I guess I have to make it very clear that I am in for a year lease only and not interested in buying. I mean, its an okay house, but I am not committing myself for the next ten years to a house I don’t even like that much. Anyway, that is all for now. I have to make breakfast and blow my nose. Hope everyone has a great day and I’ll try and get to your sites later.



I did in fact finish the dresser. It is quite lovely now, all white with a sage green lily of the valley stamp up the sides and on the drawers and a pale pink stripe. I’ll have to remember to take a picture of it to post so you all can see my handiwork. I did not realize how taxing it would be to be doing deep knee bends all day on Sunday and I was so sore! What a wimp, I know. Also, do not let Casey tell you he helped me, because he painted the second coat on the dresser and that is all!! He’s a scammer…I hope you all have a good evening.


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  1. I hope your head clears up, try sudafed my Mother swears by it. The house thing, you are having the worse luck with that. It’s too bad that there seems to be so many weirdos out there.  It is better to own though even if you don’t like the house because then you can rent it out and it works for you when you go to buy the house you really want. Bad credit? there is this great company called CESI (I use to work in the credit card business so I know alot about credit counseling). This company works awesome with your creditors and it ony holds your credit till you are done with the program or you quit the program(doesn’t effect your rating) . If you want more info let me know. Hope you have a great night! It is getting closer to Friday!!!!

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