Well. Where to start? My dad has been sick, Uncle Bill has been sick and his girlfriend is miserable with shingles (a kind of adult chicken pox only really really bad worse), Mina and Margo have been sniffly and yesterday Kaia had a temp. of 102.4. That scared the daylighhts out of me because she’s never been higher than about 98 degrees…but I gave her Tylenol and that brought it down really fast so when she went to bed an hour early (yippee!) it was at 101 solid. Today she seems fine, when I get her dressed in a minute I’ll take it again…

Yesterday we bought the supplies to refurbish a dresser I have. Its almost five feet all, has five deep drawers….and is really ugly. Casey was grumbling about how I just could have bought a new dresser for Kaia for what we spent for three paint colors and stencils and brushes…but its the sentimental value here. My great grandpa Stewart made this dresser probably 40 years ago so I have to hold onto it. I’m excited to start that project today. Its something I’ve never done before, but how hard can it be? is what I keep asking myself.

On Friday I called back one of the many rentals (its amazing how many people don’t return phone calls for this stuff) and the guy was super nice, talking about how he thought rental apps and credit checks were a bunch of red tape, etc. He’s like “I think you’ll really like this house, Alicia, the tenants are moving out on Saturday and I’d like to get in and clean and do any repairs so you see it when its in great condition” He also said I am the first person on the list and he does a “whoever can give me the money first can move in” thing so if I like it its ours!! Yippee! Please let it be a nice house! We drove around the neighborhood its in on Friday afternoon and it seemed like a decent middle class place, no yucky houses, all small but well cared for. Its right near the civic center and a skate park and a baseball field and there are SIDEWALKS!!! We don’t have sidewalks out in the country and the roads that have less traffic so they are safe to walk along with a stroller are not paved so we have never had the luxury of popping Kai in her stroller for a walk after dinner. Plus it cuts our travel time into work down to about 15 minutes, thats half of what we do now, 30 minutes each way. So he said he’d call me Monday and I could see it Tuesday. Clap your hands if you believe in fairies and hope with me with that this will be the place for us.

Play practice on Thursday was fun, I was torn between being irritated that I drove all the way home to drop off Casey and Kaia, then all the way back downtown Traverse City (on slippery roads) for just an hour and a half of chatting, but also kinda glad because it is fun to hang out and talk to other women, all mom age to me, but we’re all moms ourselves. And a lady who worked on Mame brought her two month old daughter, AlissaBeth, in for us all to see. She was….ugh…I’m mean, no physical descriptions. She was sweet and I looked at her and thought, Kaia was never that small! But she was, and three pounds smaller! Which on a tiny baby is a lot. Its sad to me that I don’t remember her that way, small and sleeping. But I have two memories from last summer and can remember nothing else so maybe its supposed to be that way or it would break your heart, that remembering.

Anyway, I should get going, Kaia is in her saucer (!! being nice too!!) and when Casey gets up I’m gonna get cracking on that dresser, wish me luck! Hope you all have a good Sunday. 


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  2. Do you have any memories of your great-grandparent’s houses? I never knew my great-parents. The things that belonged to grandparents are very special to me too.
    Drink lots of liquid and rest when you’re tired so you don’t get sick too!

  3. ((CLAP, CLAP)) I believe!!! Hope it works out this one sounds better than the pushy lady! No wonder you haven’t updated in a while, you were a busy little thing weren’t you. Hope the baby feels better, some times teeth can make them get that high of a fever. Hope our dresser comes out great, but I am sure it will! Hope the rest of your weekend is great!!!

  4. I am picturing an amazing dresser re-do like something from HGTV. I bet it will turn out cool, but it is funny isn’t it how these crafty projects end up costing way more than something new(but with less character.). I really hope this house turns out to be the one for you, after dinner walks in the summer are a time honored parenting tradition, arent they!! (Claps hands)

  5. I sure hope people start feeling better soon. A couple years ago my mom had shingles. It really sicked. My sympathies surely go out!

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