Must be quick today…

On Monday at play practice a lady named Dale and I were sent to measure the Carousel cast for costumes. So we go down to the auditorium and there they all are, big and small. We sit for about 15 minutes then they start talking about breaking into sectionals (they learn the music first) so Dale goes and asks the director (who looks just like Jennifer Garner’s dad on Alias) if we can pull them out one by one to measure. When she says pull them out, she means have them simply step into the aisle and hold still. He says no, how about in 45 minutes? Grrr. So I go back upstairs to see what else I can do and Kathy is teasing me because we were letting the director “push us around”….Dale comes up like five minutes later and, rolling her eyes, says “we can measure them now”. So we measured all 30 of them in about an hour and a half. We had to do inseams for the guys (and you, if you think like my mother, would think a guy would know his inseam. not true, we asked several people their height, they did not know, we asked their shoe size, they don’t know….no one knows anything apparently). So we ask this one guy for his, they had to take the end of the tape and stick where the sun don’t shine (we, after all, were most certainly not going there, being the self respecting costume wenches we are) and he says “well how high up do I stick it?” and Dale says, “do you wanna be a soprano or a bass?” LOL, ok, I found it funny, maybe you had to be there. The younger girls were embarassed to have their busts measured, the older ladies swear their measurements haven’t changed since Damn Yankees (five years ago)….ugh. I was sent home with that blasted jacket I sewed a ribbon trim on and I had to sew two different silver trims on the whole coat, front, collar, cuffs. I also was sent home with the knickers (which sounds like a horse noise, knickers) and had to do the ribbon on the cuffs of those and lace inside the cuffs as well. And the kicker was I had two days to do all this. I just finished, thank goodness and I can drop it off for the Moliere show’s fitting tonight….anyway. I am having much difficulty, as before, with the Tolkien books….I will perservere ( I think). I also redid my resume to apply for a part time job (large country home seeks full and part time housekeepers), I am thinking Gosford Park (excellent movie) but will probably see just your ordinary B & B. I also have learned my very first harmony part ever!! “Angry all the time” on the above CD has a little harmony with Faith Hill but I learned to the whole song (because I get bored in the car) and that is really awesome because singing harmony is really really hard for me…

I promised suckers after satisfactory school work so I should get moving. No news on the housing front, still making too many calls with too few results. I hope you all are having a good day, I made it to most of your sites. Bye!


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  1. I so wish I could work in theater. I have a minor in it. Oh Well. My niece was 11 months before she got teeth. But once she got one, she got like 8 in a couple of months. I even tried looking in his mouth when he was asleep and still he locked me out.  Funny

  2. My goodness.  I cant remember when Ben cut his first tooth.  I know after one came he had a mouthful before I knew it!I hope you have a good weekend. 

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