Grrrr. I just don’t know what to do and I hate that! The land lady for the cottage just called and wants to know if we’ve received the money yet (umm, duh, no) and wants us to come over this weekend and sign the lease. And she says she wants some good faith money before we do. Which is fine, but I’m just really not sure I want to live there. The pros really outweigh any cons….


2 bedrooms / new, large kitchen / front and back porches / other dog people in neighbor hood / right on water / quiet and safe for cats / nicest and largest I have seen yet / can afford it / can move in next week / won’t have to keep making endless phone calls, all ending in ‘nope, no pets, sorry’ / will probably not find anything cheaper closer to town / longer we wait higher prices will go as we move closer to spring


small living room / potbellied stove in living room / other peoples’ dogs crapping in my yard / my dog crapping in other peoples’ yards / my dog taking off after other dogs (the only time he will not mind is if there is another dog) / no garage or storage place, will have to rent one / still almost 20 minutes out from Traverse / land lady a little pushy


See, I just don’t know. I’m crazy, I should take it and be done with it. Its only a year. And if we hate it we’ll just find someone else to lease it like the guy moving out is doing. I just never feel like I can’t make up my mind about something and that really really bugs me. I am very decisive, all of the time. And that I can’t make a simple choice bugs the hell out of me. Anyway, I need to get a shower so I can pick Casey up and noon and go to the bank. Talk to you all later! Have a great day!

A side note on the book, I actually got to meet her at the Traverse City library about a year ago, her books are excellent, after this one I will have read them all (and own them all if that says anything)…


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  1. Why is the potbellied stove a negative? That would be sweet. It makes me think of the stove at the house in Conklin. Just be sure to put a gate or something around it so Kaia doesn’t hurt herself.

  2. Go with your gut instinct.  You really won’t be able to use the pot belly because of your kids crawling around.  There’s no storage space is a big nope because I don’t have anywhere to store my things so I keep everything in boxes.  And to top it off, a pushy landlord.  I had one of those and we finally just left.  If we didn’t have the rent at 8 am in the morning when it was due, she was knocking on the door at noon. ” My mother is old and she needs the rent money to survive”.(the lady owned 15 properties all paid for)she wasn’t starving.  So really think long and hard about it.

  3. I’m kind of leaning with the plan of taking it and if you don’t like it moving out. Will you have so much extra stuff that you’ll HAVE to do storage? You’ll be coming into nice weather pretty soon and you can opt not to use the stove. You have other heat, right? Is there a possibility of making the living room a bedroom and a bedroom the living room? To me, especially since you can get out of the lease, it would seem the pro outweigh the cons.

  4. Im definetly a little nervous on the LandLady!  She would make me nervous being as pushy as she is.  I hope you can decide.  I can relate totally!

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