Post Script:

I believe “eggs in your beer” as in “what do ya want? eggs in your beer?” is like saying you want to have your cake and eat it too, that you want too much. Just an old family saying I guess. 🙂 Also, I may have a glimmer of hope at the eleventh hour, like Gandalf on the hill at dawn on the fifth day….and your heart leaps when you see him there. All I know is that a weight is slowly slowly lifting…I’ll fill you all in when I know whats up. And also, if you hit the target how do you win the free ipod? Because I hit the target and bubble popped up that said “go get it” but I clicked on it over and over and nothing happened. I am convinced that I was cheated!!


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  1. I don’t understand how eggs in your beer can be compared to cake-lol-kidding!! Very cool, can’t wait to hear what is making your day! Oh, the free IPod thing, if you have pop up blocker it won’t come up but it is a gimmick anyway!

  2. Okay.((is still concerned that eggs in beer just don’t compare to having some cake and eating it too, but it’s all good.))

  3. Would you like to know the story behind “eggs in your beer”?
    You’d never guess who used to say it? Your Grandma Dorothy! The woman who has never tasted alcohol married to the Man who has never tasted alcohol.  I never was sure quite what it meant (i think have your cake and eat it too is pretty appropriate) but always found it a disgusting thought.
    We are praying for the news you wish on Monday!!!!!!!!

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