Well hello fair people of xanga land. Today actually kinda flew by. We went to the library at story time, which is always interesting. As we were getting ready to walk out the door the phone rings. I am wrestling Kaia into her car seat, Mina and Margo are yelling at each other about boots….its Casey and he’s being all sweet. Meanwhile Kaia starts to scream, which he thinks is tremendously amusing, so we get off the phone and to the library.

I was disappointed because they didn’t do anything about the Chinese New Year (today) and did lovey Valentine’s day stories instead. Kaia was talking to another baby, she was sitting all nice on my lap and she kept clasping her hands against her chest and chanting “ma ma mama ma ma mama”, the other baby would let loose a shriek every now and again….

Mer, I feel lame today. I should go and not just type nothing. LOST tonight and Alias too, I think. Hope everyone has a great night!


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  1. Can’t wait for lost. Isn’t the sweetest thing when our babies say mama. Mine is seven months old and I’m her favorite word. Especially when she’s hungry.

  2. I love that show but we down load them in HD and watch a few episodes at a time. Sounds like you are staying busy, it is almost Friday!!!! Have a great night!!

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