Ha! So after a TWO HOUR nap Kaia is in a much more agreeable mood (how exactly does one spell agreeable? It just looks wrong). I wondered what the heck her problem was, all night last night and then this morning, just non stop fussing and crying, nothing seemed to console her. Then she layed in her pack n’ play and cried for oh, about a half an hour, then she (mercifully) slept. Now she is all dressed in her baby gap jeans and her soft chicken sweater and is sitting in her saucer eating a book. Sigh, what a relief. I seriously thought I was going to have to set up camp on the deck just to get away from her!

And a lot of you are wondering about the house. So far, we have it. What I am waiting for is that tax return to be deposited into my checking account. We are hoping it comes this week because the land lady seemed very very intent on getting her money, like NOW. She also wants us to move in right away so its not sitting empty. Well she may have to just hold her horses on that one because I am not moving in in the dark, on a weeknight, when I have to be up at 630 in the morning. I just know I will drop my underwear in the driveway and they will lay there, unbeknownst to me, until dawn when all of my new neighbors will get a glimpse of my skivvies. And then they’ll be dirty which means more laundry. So no, it can wait until the light of day and a weekend when I might get to sleep in until, oh, about eight. BUT if the money does not come this week I don’t know if she’ll wait or rent it to someone else. She called me last Saturday, approximately 12 hours after we met her, and told me she had someone standing there who wanted it and had the money in his pocket. She seems kinda tricksy (tricksy hobbitses…). So we’re waiting for the cash money and in the mean time keeping our eyes peeled in case. I’m driving by a three bedroom today, just to see. The lady who owns the three bedroom was kinda stalling on the pets issue. She said she had to check with her insurance company because there are children in the neighborhood. Which I completely understand. What I do not like is the assumption by insurance companies and people who don’t own (or know anything about) dogs that a breed like a rot or a pit bull is a bad dog. Because most times, they aren’t. And if they are then you wouldn’t want to rent to the owners because A. They did not check into the dog’s line (if it pure bred) to see if there was once breeding for fighting or whatever and B. The big dogs are the very very best dogs you can have with little kids because they won’t be fear biters. Albeit, you have to train a dog like that and if the dog is mean maybe its because its been taught to be aggressive. Having once had a pit mix myself, I am not afraid of pitbulls and actually like them quite a lot. Anyway, she loosened right up and gave me the address of the place when I told her Dakota is a yellow lab mix, very sweet, never mean, etc. So we will drive by today.

Apparently ten minutes is too much to ask from my demanding child. How did the rest of you keep a kid occupied who gets bored so fast? I must sign off for today, hope you all are doing well. I will update as information comes in. Over and out.



Oh yeah, my new pic is of Casey and the dog, shoveling snow snow and more snow!


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  1. Nicely done. It’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paginini by Rachmaninov. I got the card, thanks a bunch. And good luck with the house. I want a dog sooooooooooooooooooo badly, but my roommate is allergic. *Sniff*

  2. I’m reading your post and I’m like wow.  What similarities we share.  I’m 26 but instead of one child we have five.  We also have two dogs.  Both american pit bulls and our landlady gave us a hard time about it too.  Top it off, my  butterball’s name is Kaya.  Visit my page sometime.

  3. Thank you Lord that she slept for two hours! Woo-hoo! I guess being overtired WAS what was making her so crabby and whiny and demanding. Sheesh, now that I write it, I think that I am crabby and whiny and demanding when overtired too. lol! What’s my excuse? lol!

  4. Dude….  whats up with that site name up there ^?  Im afraid to click on the link if fear of it being all about the pootie!!
    “I am not moving in in the dark, on a weeknight, when I have to be up at 630 in the morning. I just know I will drop my underwear in the driveway and they will lay there, unbeknownst to me, until dawn when all of my new neighbors will get a glimpse of my skivvies.”  
    You are seriously so funny!  I am laughing my butt off because I could totally see me dropping my panties trying to move at night!!   

  5. LOL, yeah, whats up with that comment…I think I would delete it in fear,lol. Yay for house!! Yay for cute man and dog in snow!! Boo for hard to amuse baby. One of my babies was like that, always needed entertaining–used to drive me nuts. (My firstborn–maybe a pattern here?) But my two boys were/are more self reliant, maybe because I have had less time to focus solely on them. My Shorty plays by himself all the time when we are home together, I sometimes feel guilty but I have a lot of other stuff to attend to, and he is always happy–it is just what he is used to. Kaia will outgrow this, but you may have to do a little calculated “ignoring” when she is older, although she is still young right now for that. “this too shall pass.”

  6. Good luck with the rental!!! I love the snow picture, actually just glad I am not in it. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead, hope you have a great day!!

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