Just wanted to let you all know so you can keep Peachymom67 and her family in your prayers, this is what was posted on her blog:

“Our daughter, Christine, has been missing since 9:00 Friday morning. She went to school and left between 9-10 am in her car. She took nothing with her but the clothes on her back. Her friends know nothing. She has not called home. We can’t imagine where she would be, she has never done this before. I’m scared something terrible has happened to her. Please pray for her safe return home.

“Info: Christine Nicole Browder, 12/14/1987 in a red 1995 Grand Prix plate number CHRIZ 87, Illinois tag. 5’5, 117lbs, light brown hair and green eyes.”

God you guys it gives me goose bumps and makes me want to cry. Be thinking of this family. Thanks.



4 thoughts on “

  1. I know, I just keep thinking of what must go through a moms head when their child is missing. I pray to god she will come home safe & soon.

  2. heard about this over the weekend…but I don’t know if they have learned anything new. Let’s hope it was a dumb teenage moment.

  3. I know I went to that site – I have to go back today to see if they have any updates. ((FINGERS CROSSED)) I hope she has made it home!!!!!
    But I want to know about the rental!!! Did you go see it? Hope you had a great weekend and we are now working toward another!!!! Hope all is going well!

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