What a day! Kaia was so busy this morning, I look away for one second and she’s into everything. So she finally cries herself to sleep at about 11:30 and actually slept until 1:30. Ever since she woke up she has been on some hell bent path to drive me insane. I don’t know what her issue is, she is just crazy! Fussing and crying but she’s not hungry or sick or wet or tired, just full of attitude apparently. To make things even more fun my Grandma called, which is always fun, but it was just so hard to talk to her when Kaia won’t stop yelling and I’m getting a detailed description of the house she lived in in 1950 right down to the arrangement of furniture in each room and the pattern of the curtains (cottage style, red gingham, with ruffles). I do love talking to her and hearing about the things she remembers but Kaia is a nutcase. So I go to scoop Kaia up and my cheek disconnects the phone. Crap.

And I saw this rental in the paper that I REALLY REALLY want, 2 bedroom cottage on Spider Lake, pets ok, etc. I left “Justin” a message at 10am and I still have not heard back, or maybe he tried to call while my grandma was chatting for an hour and a half.  Should I call him? This is like dating, you don’t want to look too desperate but I want him to know I am VERY interested. Okay, I’m gonna call him. Then I have to go out the house and get Casey some togs so we can go to dinner ALONE while Kaia stays with grandma and grandpa and the girls. Man I hope she’s good. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


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