Hello everyone! It has been such a busy week. I’ve been on and off the phone with people advertising rentals, looking at rentals, etc. One we looked at was in Lake Ann (about 15 minutes west of Traverse City). I drove by it three times because I was so impressed….by how UGLY it was! The guy wanted almost $700 a month and even though the inside was very very nice, fresh paint, new carpet, etc, there were two small closets in the whole place, no basement, no garage, no shed. Where do I store stuff? Not to mention the bedrooms were so small all that would have fit in them was Kaia’s crib and our bed, no dressers, etc. I drove by another duplex and it looked ok, just small. But it had no yard and no trees and the view from every window was another (crappier) duplex. There was also a house downtown, an old two story with alley parking and a garage. But about 100 feet from the front door is a very very busy section of town, plus a bank on either side of the house. So no luck so far, but its too early to settle so I’ll keep looking!

Not much else is new, I’m tired because its that time of day. I have play practice tonight and have finally finished sewing a ribbon trim on a coat for the Moliere show. Auditions for Carousel were vaguely entertaining. There wasn’t anyone horrible, just good and great and obviously good was cut and great will audition again. I’ll try to look at your sites today and see what you all are up to. Have a great day everyone, tomorrow is Friday!!


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  1. Good luck on the house hunting!  I hope you find something that you like.  We always need extra closets because my husband has 10 times more clothes than I do.  LOL!Have a good rest of the day!ryc:  I remember that story.  I read the Detroit Free Press every morning and its oo depressing.  uugh!

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