This thing has more bugs than a dead cow in July. I only have a minute, I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I can’t check your diaries because sometimes xanga sucks. I efiled Casey’s tax returns today and was VERY pleasantly surprised to see that soon we will be (drum roll please)…thousand-aires! Yippee! So I guess I can start calling on houses for rent because the check should be direct deposited in 8-15 days. Very very exciting.

Thats all for now, the girls are ready to get up and Kaia is cranky (I know, she’s always cranky, or so it seems). I hope you all have a great day!


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  1. More bugs than a dead cow in July?  LOL!  Thats funny stuff.  We are witing to hear from Manistee still.  They just received our resume.  It will be hard to get in there because they are tribal.*long sigh*  I wish we could go live there.

  2. Xanga has been a pill lately. “The Handmaids Tale” is one of my favorite books, my daughter is currently reading it. Much of the treatment of the women in there reminds me of the regime in Afghanistan, the Taliban, only they were more ‘stone age’ than in “Handmaid.” Scary stuff.

  3. I love getting money back from the government!!! Sounds like you are a busy lady! Hope all is going great!! The weekend is almost here and My couch is waiting for me!!!! Have a wonderful day!

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