Ok, Megan wins, but seriously, who knew that corn is not a vegetable? Also, just so all you know the end of the story, GMAC called and left a message. It was an actual person, not a recording, and so Casey calls her back. What does she say? “Oh we have your payment, it got lost in our system”. I TOLD YOU SO!! What a pain. But its over now and we are hundred-aires!! LOL.

Tonight we are going grocery shopping and to find some Casey some street shoes. Also I needa few bras as my last nursing bra’s underwire popped out and seperated my ribs yesterday, that felt wondeful!!

Anyway, I will try and come back later, Kaia is being a curious kitten and sticking her fingers in the VCR, so I should go. Have a great morning!


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  1. …I never knew corn was not a veggie…and I am still confused on the whole tomato thing, is it a fruit or a veggie??? LOL, and who says us stay at home mommies don’t have a rewarding intellectual inner life…glad to hear you are now hundred-aires, wow, don’t go nuts now!! PS–I loved the movie “Virgin Suicides.” Did you like Sophia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation”? Have a great weekend.

  2. Megan and you both are right. The problem is that fruit is a botanical term and a culinary term whereas vegetable is just a culinary term. A fruit is the matured ovary of a flower, containing the seed. After fertilization takes place and the embryo (plantlet) has begun to develop, the surrounding ovule becomes the fruit. A vegetable is considered to be edible roots, tubers, stems, leaves, FRUITS, seeds, flower clusters, and other softer plant parts. In common usage, however, there is no exact distinction between a vegetable and a fruit. The usual example is the tomato, which is a fruit, but is eaten as a vegetable, as are cucumbers, peppers, melons, and squashes. The classification of plants as vegetables is largely determined by custom, culture, and usage.

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