Oh how I wish I could just take a nap! Mina and Margo are actually asleep, but will Kaia sleep? Nooooo. I tried putting her in her saucer, tried putting her in her playpen. She wants to be free and roam the house with her new found skills. So no sleeping for me. Mer, I’m so tired my eyes keep closing and its an effort just to move. What is wrong with me?

Really pretty and sunny here today, its still below freezing but at least it looks nice. The sun on my back is making me drowsy.

We’re anxiously waiting for tomorrow when we will be “hundred-aires”, lol. I think we have about $4 now and I might ask my dad if I can borrow five or ten more until tomorrow so I can get gas and  a little can of the icky concentrate formula for Kaia. I have a grocery list a mile long and about a million things to do this weekend. Maybe I will try and work something out with Casey so I can sleep, a lot, this weekend and not feel so run down next week.

We are getting closer to having our own place, we are so close I can taste it! After the first week of February I will start calling on rentals and making appointments to see them as we should have the required cash by the first of March. Yippee! Room to breathe, a bedroom of my own, a whole closet just for Kaia in her own little room! It will be like Christmas opening the boxes in the garage, I forget what we even have out there. Maybe there will even be room for our pool table.

I should go check on Kaia, last time I left her for more than five minutes she had a mouthful of fake moss. Hope you all are having a great day out there in xanga-land.


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