So Megan1217 took this from Zach’s site who in turn stole it from someone else, and I stole it from her!

A- Age — 25, there, I said it.

B – Band listening to right now —I’m not, its quiet, but hootie was in TC a few months ago

C – Career in future — I would really like to….I just don’t know.

D – Drink or smoke — Sometimes everyone needs a cold one, and a smoke to go with it!

E – Easiest person/s to talk to — Kaia because she doesn’t talk back, yet…

F – Favorite song/s at the moment: — I can’t get Summetime out of my head and I also have been listening to that Hoobastank song, does Jared like hoobastank? LOL

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms— The sour bears

H – Have you ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend? — No, it was an immaculate conception

I – Instruments: — Flute and some alto sax

K – Kids— I have one and don’t know if I want more, I kinda like just the 3 of us

L – Longest ride ever — Good God, coming home from FL when I was pregnant with Jared’s damn bag travelling all over the car, poor Dakota smashed in the back seat, luggage strapped to the roof, being pregnant, UGH!, did I mention being pregnant?!

M- My favorite Sport — As I have mentioned before, I don’t belive in running unless I am running for my life because I am in mortal danger, I do enjoy football on the couch though!

N – Number of siblings— Younger brother and three younger sisters

P – Phobias —Being out of control

Q – Favorite Quote:— “Courage is the price that life extracts for granting peace. The soul that knows it not, knows no release from the little things; knows not the livid loneliness of fear.” Amelia Earhart

R – Reason to smile — Kaia, Casey saying something funny, sunshine!

S – Song you sang last:— I think it was singing along with some American Idol wannabe, eye of the tiger

T – Time you woke up—- 6:30

U – Unknown fact about me— I’m not funny, just sarcastic

V – Vegetable/fruit you hate—- I like most fruit, not prunes or apricots, I only like corn, broccoli and potatoes

W – Worst habit — Smoking, having no patience, liking chocolate

X – X-rays you’ve had — Several

Y – Yummy food/s — Nothing sounds good right now, but usually I love bacon cheeseburgers, yogurt (which I just learned that I like), iced tea, chips, movie theater popcorn, kiwi

Z – Zodiac sign —-Leo 


ALSO, speaking of Casey saying something funny. When we were first dating he kept trying to make me laugh and it was really annoying. So finally we’re in Meijer and I say to him, “you’re really very funny, when you don’t try”. So he has been tossing that back at me all this time, but its true! Like the other night, the dog is in our room and we’re changing into our clothes to go to work in the morning. Dakota is literally in the closet and you can hear him sniffing around and snorting like he does. So Casey says “Dakota, what are you doing in there? Thats not the lost and found!” LOL, I am laughing now, I know you all probably think its lame but it was so funny. Where did that come from? Why was he thinking about the Lost and Found? I don’t know, I might just have rounded the proverbial bend. Snack time!


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  1. Meijer! Every time we come to Michigan to visit the family we always go to Meijer. Funny! Also, American Idol is funny but sometimes The bickering gets on my nerves. We will be watching tonight though. Hey, we have something else in common. A BIG FAMILY! I also have four siblings. All sisters. One older and 3 yourger. And, funny Casey story. I laughed!

  2. M- My favorite Sport — As I have mentioned before, I don’t belive in running unless I am running for my life because I am in mortal danger, I do enjoy football on the couch though!    <<<<<  LMAO!
    Thats was so funny.  I am still laughing as I read it again!

  3. corn, sadly, is not a vegetable…but i am honored you stole something from my site!!!  i think you’re funny even if you don’t…

  4. Cool info.  I love reading the answers to those questions.  Sometimes something silly just tickles me & I laugh uncontrollably too. 

  5. It is nice to know a little about you, steal it frm whom ever – lol!! My husband is the same way, we had to stop driving together in the morning because he thought he was hillarious at 7am but he is only really funny when he is just being himself. Hope the rest of your week goes well! The weekend is almost here!!!!!!!!

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