Thank you all so much for your encouraging words for my pissed off mood yesterday. Hopefully when we call back on Wedneday they’ll know they’ve made a mistake and it will be all taken care of. I also am grateful that after many phone conversations spent poking Casey in the ribs every time he got snippy with the person on the line he is learning that (as  mom would say) he gets more bees with honey than vinegar…

Not much going on today. Kaia is a poopy, not being a very nice girl. But ya know, she has no teeth, so maybe thats what her problem is? Are they coming in? It should be about time (she’s eight months), but her gums don’t look any different than they did a week or two weeks ago. Hmmmm…..I can understand if she’s in pain…I guess….

We are hoping to be able to do some fun things this weekend instead of sitting around being bored. The Denos Museum is having a water color exhibit….Casey needs some new shoes. As previously discussed, I need a new bra (sorry dad!)….Very odd that Kaia will only need diapers. The kid has more clothes than I have ever seen. Still cold and snowy here, but only 22 degrees so not as cold as last week….Oh yeah, and we need an oil change this weekend too (it was due about 6,000 miles ago, oops!). There was something else I was going to write but now I can’t remember what it was (imagine that!)…so I will sign off for now and get these girls some breakfast.

Hope everyone has an awesome day!


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  1. hey Alicia, if Casey needs work boots he can still call Brickyard Dan for wholesale cost on a pair. let me know if you need his number. hope Kaia feels better than yestarday………….. give the girls a big hug and kiss from me :)!!

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