Ohhh and the saga continues…Casey called GMAC today to see if any investigating had been done and the person he spoke with told him, of course not, we don’t have the money, end of story, until you fax us a copy of the money order receipt showing that we cashed it there is nothing we can do. Which, as you have noticed, is very different from what they told him yesterday, when they said they would investigate it now as it may have been “lost” in their system somewhere. Mer. So now we have to go pay 20$ to get a receipt from the money order people showing who it was paid to (and wait three days for that) then we can fax it back to GMAC…this is a big pain the butt. Oh well, I am 99% confident that I am not the one who screwed up here so when that receipt comes I will laugh my evil witch cackle, do a mean little dance and…nail GMAC’s ass to the wall!


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