New look, my new pic is my dad, my uncle Bill and me a few Christmases ago. I have not read the book for my own thrills, keep in mind, but it seems to be this week’s favorite and its a cute book.

Library tomorrow for story time, and we’ll take back the books we borrowed on Casey’s card. One about a duck named Ping who lives on the Ygantze river just floored the girls because the last duck in this huge family of ducks to get back on the farmer’s boat at the end of the day got a spank on the back from the farmer’s stick. They didn’t like that all, lol! Anyway, I sincerely hope I am not coming down with something, I keep reminding myself of the power of postive thinking. But why do I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck and could sleep for a week? Yawn. I’ll see you all tomorrow, have peaceful night.

Also, I have dropped out of that freecycle group, what a bunch of nuts. I was told that when they closed the state mental hospital up here (which actually is a group of buildings on so much acreage is looks like it could house the whole city, or be a movie set) that the people who were incapacitated were transferred and the rest just walked out the doors. Who knows what really happened but if that is true its the people who left that place that are in this group. Talk to you all later.


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  1. Correct answer!!!!!!! tyo my trivia question… Also, that picture wasn’t Christmas, remember, what is on T.V.? it was at my Daytona 500 party, which i will have again on Feb. 20th. Love ya, hope u feel better, see ya soon

  2. I was just wondering.  MY hubby is thinking about applying for a job there and was wondering what kind of place it was.  I know it doesnt get very warm.  LOL!

  3. Cute picture. Eric Carle has always been a fave here, too–in fact we are starting to ‘outgrow’ him for the last time and I am sad.

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