GRRR! I am so irritated! Remember the whole money order thing a few weeks ago? The car people saying they didn’t get it so we had to pay all this money, etc. Well I called and called the money order thing and it keeps telling me it has not been cashed, the car people keep saying they have not received it, over and over. So I download and print out their stupid lost money order claim form (that can take anywhere from 30 to 65 days to process!!) and I fill it out and make a copy of my receipt, etc. I decide I should call one more time because you also have to send these people 12$ to find a money order that you didn’t lose in the first place, and I don’t want to waste my money if its been cashed. IT HAS BEEN CASHED!! They say it was cashed on the 18th but even though I sat on hold for almost 20 minutes this girl who I can not understand the words coming out of her mouth manages to get across to me that she can not (will not?) tell me who cashed it or where. I have to submit my claim form and my 12$. Casey calls the car people and they say “well we don’t have the money from the money order.” What is going on?! That is what I would like to know. How do you steal a money order in a plain white envelope, not even a payment type envelope? How do you cash it when its made out to GMAC in ink,with an account number scrawled all across the bottom, a signature, an address…HOW DO YOU CASH THAT IF ITS NOT YOURS?! You don’t. Casey just called and said he went through four people at GMAC before he could find someone who could help him, she says she will investigate it and that he should call her back in Wednesday. Here is what I think, if every piece of mail they send me is dated a month ago then obviously there is something wrong with the way they are proccessing things. She also says we owe them late fees. I say kiss my ass lady, this is the stupidest, most assinine thing I have ever experienced. She can credit me something for this mix up because I’m sorry, you have received and cashed it and you can’t blame a 4 WEEK delay on the postal service (like they are trying to do)…..What a bunch of crap! So I need to make lunch, the natives are getting restless.


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  1. Wow, that sucks. (Sorry for the teen-like word.) Take a deep breath, calm down, and I am sending esp your way that you will feel better and this mess will straighten out. It amazes me sometimes how stupid customer service situations can become. I was recently told after a lengthy phone pain in the butt that while I could in fact withdraw all the money from my dead mother’s still-open checking account ( I am the trustee–) I somehow did not have the authority to change the address on the statements. ( all the mail was still going to the nursing home she had been in) !!!! Go figure. Have a BETTER day, girl!!!!!

  2. Aww I’m sorry you’re having problems. I hate dealing with car dealerships. Just take a deep breathe. You’re doing what you need to do and you’re not at fault for any of it. Hope you have a good day. Take care. Hope you don’t mind that I sub’d to ya.

  3. GMAC is not a car dealership………….. it is a big corp. that doesn’t know what the left hand is doing while it is cashing your money order with the right hand… i know it will get corrected though.. keep punching!!

  4. Thats so awful.  Im sorry.  I’d be livid too.  You need to make out a bill of your own and send it to them.  For your time wasted. Thats what my husband would do.  I hope your having a better day now.Kelly 

  5. Well that all sucked, I hope you got it worked out. I remembered when I worked at Capital One (credit card company) and if some one called me with a sob story like that and were nice I would credit any thing they needed. I don’t work there any more because people never asked nicely. Hope it didn’t ruin your Monday! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday!!

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